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The Sun & Moon Series
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Win the Battle, Win the War!
SM151   EP995
オールアウト戦争! 世界の破壊が始まります! !
All-Out War! The World's Destruction Begins!!
First broadcast
Japan December 5, 2018
United States
English themes
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Animation Team Kato
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The War (Japanese: オールアウト戦争! 世界の破壊が始まります! ! All-Out War! The World's Destruction Begins!!) is the 153rd episode of The Sun & Moon Series.

Major events Edit

  • Solgaleo opens an Ultra Wormhole to Unova, allowing the Pokémon Lewis had been storing at Prof. Juniper's lab to aid in the battle.
  • The Trial Captains and Island Kahunas arrive to help.
  • The guardian deities and Zygarde also decide to help.
  • Lewis sends Solgaleo to get N's help.
  • Clemont learns that the Legendary Pokémon are being controlled by special signals being produced by Giovanni.