SM149 : Crowning the King of Alola!
The Sun & Moon Series
SM151 : Splitting the Guard!
A Rocket-Powered Reunion!
SM150   EP994
みんなギャザー! ロケットダンの復活!!
Everybody Gather! The Return of Rocket-dan!!
First broadcast
Japan November 14, 2018
United States
English themes
Japanese themes
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay Template:R
Storyboard Template:R
Assistant director Template:R
Animation director Template:R
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A Rocket-Powered Reunion! (Japanese: みんなギャザー! ロケットダンの復活!! Everybody Gather! The Return of Rocket-dan!!) is the 150th episode of The Sun & Moon Series. It is the first episode of the Ultra Sun & Moon: R arc.

Major events Edit

  • Bianca, Nate, Lyra, Dracia, Shauna, Serena, Tierno and Trevor travel to Iki Town to take part in the celebration of Lewis becoming Champion.
  • Lewis' travelling companions all meet each other for the first time.
  • Lyra's Chikorita is revealed to have evolved into Bayleef.
  • Lewis, Nate, Lyra and Dracia encounter Team Rocket again, with the rest of the group encountering them for the first time.
  • Lewis and his friends battle the horde of grunts and manage to force them to withdraw from Iki Town.
  • Giovanni is revealed to have rejoined Team Rocket.
  • Giovanni is revealed to have recruited Ghetsis, Cyrus and Lysandre, as well as their respective Team's grunts, into Team Rocket to help with his plans.