Roxanne's Geodude
Geodude is Roxanne's first known Pokémon. It was used as Roxanne's first Pokémon in her battle against Lewis in A Rock Solid Gym Battle!. It battled against Lewis' Mudkip and proved to be a tough opponent, but was eventually defeated by Mudkip's Water Gun.

Geodude's known moves are Sandstorm, Rollout, Rock Blast and Mega Punch.

Debut A Rock Solid Gym Battle!
Roxanne's Nosepass
Nosepass was the second Pokémon used by Roxanne in her Gym Battle with Lewis. It faced off first against Lewis' Mudkip, who it easily defeated with Rock Tomb. It then faced off against Aipom, who proved to be a far tougher opponent than Mudkip. Both Pokémon put up a good fight, but Nosepass was eventually defeated by Aipom's Thunderbolt after it was powered up by Nosepass' Zap Cannon.

It appeared in the next episode and helped its Trainer teach Mudkip how to use Rock Tomb.

Nosepass' known moves are Rock Tomb, Lock-On, Stone Edge and Zap Cannon.

Debut A Rock Solid Gym Battle!

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