Nate's Magneton
キョウヘイのレアコイル Kyōhei's Rarecoil
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Nate Magneton
Nate's Magneton
Debuts in A Complex Problem!
Caught at Virbank Complex
Evolves in A Twist in the Tale!
Gender Genderless
Ability Unknown
Current location With Nate
081MS 082MS
This Pokémon spent 26 episodes as Magnemite.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Magnemite Unknown Unknown
As Magneton Unknown Unknown

Nate's Magneton (Japanese: キョウヘイのレアコイル Kyōhei's Rarecoil) is the second Pokémon caught by Nate in Unova, and his third overall.

History Edit

Magneton made its debut as a Magnemite in A Complex Problem!, where it was one of the wild Pokémon living in the Virbank Complex that was affected by the fumes being produced there, causing it to be very aggressive and attack anyone that came near.

It battled Nate in this aggressive state and nearly defeated Turtwig. However, Nate switched Turtwig for Solosis, who confused Magnemite with Confuse Ray and defeated it with Psychic. After the group had managed to stop the fumes, Magnemite, grateful to Nate for helping it, decided to join his team.

In A Shocking Wish!, Magnemite was used to help train a wild Joltik so that it could evolve. It allowed its electrical power to be used by Joltik to boost its own Electric-type moves. After the Joltik had evolved into Galvantula, Magnemite had a brief battle with it.

Magnemite battled several Team Plasma grunts in Ship Shape Rescue Mission! and Battle in the Open Skies!, alongside Turtwig and Duosion.

In A Twist in the Tale!, Magnemite was sent out to battle Kai, who was attempting to steal a Plume Fossil from a researcher working in Twist Mountain. During the battle, Magnemite evolved into Magneton and defeated Kai's Houndoom with Magnet Bomb.

Personality and characteristics Edit

Not much is known about Magnemite's personality. It seems to be quite reserved, as well as apologetic, as seen in its debut where it apologised to Nate for attacking him, despite the situation not being its fault. Magnemite is also more than willing to help others, even allowing a wild Joltik to absorb its electrical energy to help it grow stronger.

Moves used Edit

Nate Magnemite Thunder Shock
Using Thunder Shock
Move First Used In
Thunder Shock A Complex Problem!
Sonic Boom A Complex Problem!
Electro Ball A Complex Problem!
Magnet Bomb A Twist in the Tale!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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