アーゴヨン Āgoyon
Naganadel of the Ultra Recon Squad
Debuts in Ultra Origins!
Evolves in A Towering Battle of Legend!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location Ultra Megalopolis
803MS 804MS
This Pokémon spent 27 episodes as Poipole.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Poipole Unknown Unknown
As Naganadel Unknown Unknown

Naganadel (Japanese: アーゴヨン Āgoyon) is a Pokémon belonging to the Ultra Recon Squad in the anime.

History Edit

Naganadel first appeared as a Poipole in Ultra Origins!, where it accompanied the Ultra Recon Squad to Alola and met the group. It battled Lewis' Aipom briefly with no clear winner and later witnessed Aipom battle Tapu Koko. At the end of the episode, Poipole went through an Ultra Wormhole with the Squad.

It reappeared in A Beastly Encounter!, where it was attempting to help the Ultra Recon Squad calm a Blacephalon and a Stakataka. It later went with Soliera, Lewis, Lillie and Dulce to try and calm Blacephalon and stop it from meeting Stakataka. Despite its best efforts, the two Ultra Beasts encountered each other and began a huge battle in the Poni Grove.

In the following episode, Poipole was once again used to battle Blacephalon. This time, Poipole was better prepared for Blacephalon's tactics and was able to subdue the Fireworks Pokémon, allowing the Squad to send both Ultra Beasts back to their own worlds.

It later appeared with the Ultra Recon Squad in A Mission into Darkness! and accompanied the Squad, as well as Lewis and Lillie, to the Altar of the Sunne & Moone, where it witnessed Nebby and Lewis' Cosmoem evolve into Lunala and Solgaleo respectively. Poipole then travelled to Ultra Megalopolis with the group.

In A Towering Battle of Legend!, Poipole accompanied Lewis and Lillie to the top of Megalo Tower to face Ultra Necrozma. It teamed up with Lewis' Solgaleo and Aipom, as well as Nebby, to defeat Necrozma. It was severely injured by Necrozma's Photon Geyser, but with Lewis' encouragement, it was able to rise again. When Necrozma launched a Dragon Pulse, Poipole bravely countered it with its own newly-learnt Dragon Pulse, protecting the group and causing it to evolve into Naganadel. With its new-found power, Naganadel was able to fight on more even grounds with Necrozma, eventually defeating it with the help of the other Pokémon. After light was restored to Ultra Megalopolis, Naganadel returned to Alola with Lewis and Lillie and helped to protect Alola from the Ultra Beasts.

In The Calm After the Storm!, Naganadel returned to Ultra Megalopolis with the Ultra Recon Squad after bidding farewell to the group.

Personality and characteristics Edit

As a Poipole, Naganadel was very happy and playful, quickly making friends with the group and their Pokémon. It appeared to be relatively inexperienced in battle, but was also shown to be quick to adapt to its opponent's strategies, as seen in its battles with Blacephalon and Necrozma.

After evolving, Naganadel retained its friendly traits, but became much more serious overall. Its battling skills also improved greatly, allowing it to fight Necrozma more evenly than before.

Moves used Edit

Using Dragon Pulse
Move First Used In
Fury Attack  Ultra Origins!
Acid Ultra Origins!
Sludge Bomb  A Beastly Encounter!
Dragon Pulse  A Towering Battle of Legend!
Air Cutter  A Towering Battle of Legend!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Ultra Recon Squad's Pokémon
Travel with
Ani804MS Naganadel 

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