Bianca's Tepig
ベルのポカブ Bel's Pokabu
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Bianca Tepig
Bianca's Tepig
Debuts in The First Chapter!
Caught at Driftveil City
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location With Bianca
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Tepig Unknown Unknown

Bianca's Tepig (Japanese: ベルのポカブ Bel's Pokabu) was the first Pokémon acquired by Bianca on her journey in Unova, given to her by Professor Juniper.

History Edit

The Origins Series Edit

Tepig first appeared alongside the other Unova Starter Pokémon in The First Chapter! He was chosen by Bianca to be her Starter Pokémon and later had a battle against Professor Juniper and her Minccino. The battle was quickly called off when Tepig refused to listen to Bianca's commands.

In the following episode, Tepig was used to battle a wild Patrat that Bianca wished to catch. Due to Bianca's inexperience with battling, she had trouble maintaining control of the battle, causing Tepig to be defeated. Upset with Bianca for causing him to lose, Tepig ran off. Bianca followed him and apologised for not commanding him properly, causing Tepig to forgive her. Together the two began training, deepening their new bond. Tepig then had a rematch against the Patrat and this time weakened the Scout Pokémon enough for Bianca to throw a Poké Ball. However, Patrat broke free and escaped. Despite this, Tepig happily hugged his Trainer, excited at having won his first battle.

Tepig was used in the fight against Team Plasma in Crisis in the Cold! He battled against a grunt's Woobat and won.

In Pokémon - The Musical!, Tepig, alongside the rest of the group's Pokémon, participated in a Pokémon Musical.

The Spacetime Series Edit

Tepig was used by Bianca in both the Appeal and Battle rounds of an unofficial Contest in The Beauty of Battle! He combined Rollout and Flame Charge to give the impression of a meteor, impressing the judges and allowing him and Bianca to progress to the Battle stage.

In the finals of the Contest, Tepig faced off against Flo's Budew. Despite holding the type advantage, it became apparent that Budew's fancy movements were causing Tepig to lose points, who had been battling as it would any other battle. Deciding to switch up tactics, Bianca called for another Rollout-Flame Charge combo, but Budew used Water Sport to lower its power. Flo then commanded Budew to use Toxic, but Tepig suddenly learnt Iron Tail and deflected the attack. Tepig then attacked with Flamethrower, but the timer expired before it could make contact. The scoreboard indicated that Flo had more points, thereby making her the winner. Following their loss, Bianca and Tepig vowed to enter an official Contest someday.

Personality and characteristics Edit

Tepig is shown to be a very happy-go-lucky Pokémon, much like his Trainer, and almost always has a smile on his face. Despite this, Tepig is shown to take time to trust new people, as shown with his initial rejection of Bianca as his Trainer. However, once a person does gain his trust, Tepig is an extremely loyal Pokémon.

Moves used Edit

Bianca Tepig Ember
Using Ember
Move First Used In
Ember The First Chapter!
Tackle The First Chapter!
Rollout  The First Chapter!
Flame Charge  Pinwheeling Memories!
Flamethrower  Getting On Like a House On Fire!
Iron Tail  The Beauty of Battle!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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